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The dusty pearl in the barn
Oh, yes, sometimes this happens really: behind some trash, covered by dust and time, there it is: the historical Vespa scooter of your dreams. But this means a lot of work. The engine ist stuck, wheels are broken, painture is blind and rusty, seats are destroyed and wet, a lot of parts are missing a.s.o.
Of course, this story sounds a little bit too romantic! Normally you find a classical Vespa scooter in ebay, a newspaper ad, on a classical fair or at one of the numerous Vespa meetings all over the world. But this doesn't matter, the problem remains the same. What to do?

streetsurfers entire or partial restaurations
We can help you to go on. We restore entire scooters of our clients. Some works are going to be outsourced to specialists that we know, that they do a perfect job for years. But of course the major part of the restauration remains in our hands. We rebuild your Vespa from the very beginning. Clear advantage: we are close to the source and have access to the best and cheapest parts through our network. We also do partial restaurations for you (only engine or other parts of your scooter), just as you like it.
The thumbnails in our gallery are showing an example of our work and how we made a bombshell out of an ugly piece of Vespa.

How long and how expensive?
Important questions, right! But unfortunately these can't be answered easily and a definition of costs at this point would be dubious, because the price depends strongly on the condition of the to be restored scooter, the model and what kind of works must be done. In addition to that the time of starting the restauration is important. If we not start within the "season" (May to September), we do have much more time to take care intensively on your restauration object. To tell you a number: we have restored scooters for significantly less than 1.000,00 €, but we also did a job on a very rare, extremely damaged Vespa, which cost more than 3.500,00 € for a really hard, entire restauration. - Mathias Schäfer | Pestalozzistr. 4 | 63225 Langen (Germany) | | +49 (163) 68 38 93 0